Archaeological Museum of Guardamar (MAG)

Guardamar’s Archaeological Museum is located in the ‘Casa de Cultura’ (House of Culture), a three minutes walk from the Tourist Office and Town Hall. It includes materials from the Archaeological Department’s collections carried out in our district with local Council funds.

There is an excellent replica of the Iberian bust known as the ‘Dama de Guardamar’ (Lady of Guardamar) dating from the 4th century BC. You will travel – in chronological order – through the Phoenician, Iberian, Islamic and late mediaeval Christian periods.

There is an Ethnological Room and two of the most important episodes of Guardamar’s contemporary history are described. That includes the new Town Urban Plan, after the 1829 earthquakes, and the sand dunes reforestation project (1900-1930).

60 Colom Street
Tel. 96 672 71 66