18th Nyora and King Prawn Cuisine Week

18th Nyora and King Prawn Cuisine Week


Guardamar del Segura and its restaurants are back with the 18th ‘Nyora’ [sweet dried red pepper] and King Prawn Cuisine Week.

This gastronomic week has become a highly prestigious benchmark for Valencian, Spanish and European cuisine. There are many faithful who do not miss this annual event that takes place in the first fortnight of June.

We are waiting for you in Guardamar from the 6th to the 12th June 2022 in six of our most prestigious restaurants, with lunch and dinner menus that must include our ‘nyora’ and king prawn within a traditional, Mediterranean and innovative cuisine:

Club Náutico, Hotel Eden Mar, El Jardín, Gorkaberri, Hotel Guardamar and Le Bleu

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